Dining - Accent Wall & Wall Decors

After Makeover:

Before Makeover:

First of, match the size of the furniture to the area. My dining table was a tad bit smaller for the space. Replacing that with a bigger one just made the space look fuller. Strange isn't it? Though small ones leave lot of space around, it would not be aesthetically pleasing contrary to what we assume sometimes.

We matched the brown on the table with the brown on the antique frame of the mirror to tie them all together.

While the mirror makes the area look bigger, the bench opens up the table space further more.

We also added a compact computer table to define the little wall space . If not it would just be a wall, but now it is a mini workstation - a seamless extension from the dining room.

We love metal arts so picked that as our theme. That explains all the wall decors. They really add dimension to the space, don't you think?

Last but not the least, Accent colors really pop up the wall and room. What you see is "Red Delicious" color from Valspar (ie if my memory served right..) 

Living Room Makeover

After Makeover:

You can transform a dull wall more lively just by adding a mirror.

And you can't go wrong with bringing in those indoor plants. Live plants add life to the room - no surprises there :)

A cute wall decor just the perfect size for the narrow space right above the window highlights the features. The metallic leaves on the decor accentuates the live plants.

The teal and bronze colors from the painting above the mantel are a perfect match to this wall decor. That really brings the place together. These are tiny details yet they make a statement that is undeniable.

I am not overly happy with hiding that fireplace but my seating preference dictated this arrangement. If you can, look to highlight the fireplace. Just in case you are wondering where is the fireplace, it is right behind the TV. I may change the layout someday (when the inert hormones act up). ;-)

Fridge - The Wall of Honor



Stainless steel fridges are elegant yet I miss not being able to decor the front of the fridge with those memorable magnets, cuddly cute photos, the lovely greeting cards from loved ones , all cherishables that will make your day worthwhile just by catching a glimpse of it now and then while cooking.
Good for me the sides of the fridge still take up magnets, and the position of the fridge works in favor. So all is well. See how it brightens up the space. Not to forget the wall decor of pots at the farther end of the wall.

Kitchen Wall Decor



That metal wall decor above the kitchen sink does bring out an elegance to the otherwise boring space in the kitchen.

Add to that a fresh indoor plant and fruit bowl, oh what a splash of colors.

The cup holder is a nice display piece a functional one at it.
The chef adds a welcome feel to the kitchen and makes you say "What's cooking, oye my friend?", doesn't he?

 Laughing Buddha on another corner of the counter space to cheer you up. His bronze dhoti accentuates the granite counter top. Nice complement.

Deck Makeover



Well the picture speaks for itself. What more can I say..

Employ that Chef!

Spice up your Kitchen.. Employ a Chef to announce the Daily Menu. You cook anyways..an extra minute to write down the menu.. what say?  Mine has a blackboard to write on the Menu. But I prefer to write it on a post it
and stick it to the board. :-)

Egg Container

An Egg box.. Gives a neat look compared to the styrofoam container the eggs come in.
It even comes with a wipe off label to write in the expiry date. But I just cut the date from the original container and place it inside the box as shown above. :-) Lazy me. Just to give the eggs some extra support, I dropped in bottle caps in each cup - eggs stay put. :-)

Onion / Tomato Box

A Dome Box for Partly cut Onions/Tomatos.. Stays Fresh.. and Stays Put

Perfectly Fits into the Dairy Compartment in the Fridge.

Maximize that Shelf

Adjustable Shelf doubles up the storage!

Coffee Cups & Fruits

Coffee Mugs on a Stylish Holder; Fruits in a sleek bowl;


Seasonings with measuring spoons - all in one place to do 'thaligai'

Spoons and Ladles

Spoons sorted by size and purpose; And post-it with a pen - make your shopping list then and there!

The Freezer

Ready to Eats on Right; Partially Opened Veges in Left Tray
Cut Vegetables - Done at Home
Masalas on Left side; Frozen Veges on Right

Slim tray houses the Icepacks for easy grab

The Big Picture

Microwave in a Cage

Free up that counter space!

Non Sticks

Conventional Oven is my home for Non-Sticks; Saves space when oven is not in use

Ceramics in Show

The Big Picture